Kyoko Imazu

Currently showing

Paper: cut, stain, fold, press
Paper: cut, stain, fold, press will focus on six artists who explore the materiality of paper in their practice – from using exotic papers, to cutting, folding, staining, tearing and manipulating the paper itself. GW Bot, Helen Geier, Melinda Schawel, Judy Holding and Dianne Fogwell and Kyoko Imazu will all present works which explore the possibilities and potential of this wonderfully versatile medium
Until 25 August
Beaver galleries
81 Denison Street
ACT 2600

Place less
Our place in the world can be bestowed upon us, sought for, lost and even expanded beyond into a world of groundlessness. Gemma Bonshek Kane, John Hart, and, Jan Howlin Saara March, Tiffany Karlsson, Anna Bonshek, Kyoko Imazu share their connection to place and the place ‘less’ through painting, print media, sculpture and ceramics.
Until 1 September
M16 Artspace
21 Blaxland Crescent
ACT 2603

Out of slumber
Exhibition of paintings and works on paper of over ten Australian artists in a celebration of movement, growth, new life and colour
Until Sunday 15 September
Queenscliff Gallery and Workshop
81 Hesse Street
VIC 3225

Baldessin Press - THE STORY
A survey of almost half a century of printmaking from Baldessin Press and Studio, St Andrews featuring work by Baldessin and friends, also explores the various forms of contemporary printmaking
Until Sunday15 September
The Barn Gallery and The Residents Gallery
7 Hillcrest Avenue