Collaboration > House of Dreams at The Johnston Collection

The Johnston Collection collaborated with independent Melbourne arts company, Barking Spider Visual Theatre, with a Fairhall exhibition-house tour, HOUSE OF DREAMS. Inspired by Carl Jung's dream theories, the exhibition used the metaphors and symbols of dreams to convey stories exploring the history of William Johnston (1911 - 1986) and his residence, Fairhall.
I was commissioned to create shadow puppets and paper-cut installation on window panels.

Penelope Bartlau – Artistic director, co-designer and writer (poetry)
Jason Lehane – Lighting designer and co-designer
Kyoko Imazu – Visual artist and bookbinder
Darius Kedros – Sound designer and composer
Luc Favre – Design and installation assistant
Sarah Walker – Photographer

Virtual tour of the installation

Artistic Director Penelope Bartlau talking about the project